New CD - True North 

The new CD has arrived! I'll be releasing it to the world in the near future, releasing a video and planning a CD release party, too! Head on over to the Music/Videos page for a preview of a few tracks from the CD.  Watch this space for details as they come!

The Long Road... 

It's been a long road full of starts and stops, but the CD is finally finished! Being primarily a one-man operation (with a little help from my friends), it has taken hundreds of hours of recording, takes and retakes, tweaking, re-tweaking, listening, re-listening and many cups of coffee. All the songs are off to the mastering engineer, who will apply his magic to add the final polish before I send it to the CD manufacturer. Thanks to Dorothea Smith, Kathy Lepp, Julie McCann, Peter Light, and Gwen Potter for being part of all this - you guys are the icing on my musical cake!

The Home Stretch 

Well, 2017 has been a very busy year! Lots of gigs in between daily life and recording for the CD. I'm happy to say the recording process is almost finished, with just a few instrument parts and vocals left to do by myself and with my talented musical friends. Final mixing and then off to the mastering engineer to make it all shiny and polished before sending it off to manufacture the CDs. I'm hoping for a CD release party in the spring of 2018, so please stay tuned!

The end of summer is upon us! 

Well, the end of summer is upon us and what a busy summer it has been! Plenty of gigs between myself, Outside the Box and Sing Me A River. Some highlights included both the Grand Porch Party and Schneider Creek Porch Party, both in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, The Lynn River Music and Arts Festival in Simcoe, ON (where I hosted a song circle as well as played on the Main Stage), Two Creeks Concert Series in Wheatley, ON and The Old Town Hall Concert Series in Waterford, ON. The fall holds fewer gigs, as I am concentrating on finishing up my CD. It's  slowly coming together - it is mostly myself on all the instruments, with contributions from my Outside the Box band mate Gwen Potter (viola player extraordinaire) and beautiful harmonies from Julie McCann (my band mate in the Hazy Maidens) and Kathy Lepp and Dorothea Smith from Sing Me A River.  I am very lucky to be surrounded by very talented friends!

Sleep, who needs sleep? 

It's been a couple of busy months! Lots of gigs both with myself and with my other bands. The recording of the CD is slow, due mainly to how busy I've been playing out, and trying to coordinate schedules with my musical friends to do their parts. However, good things come to those who wait, I say! My bandmate in Outside the Box, Gwen Potter, played some absolutely beautiful viola and violin parts on my song "Simple Soul". I wrote the string arrangements but she brought it life!  I'm pleased as punch as they say. More updates to come as the story unfolds. See you out there in the real world!

Onwards and upwards! 

The new CD is well underway - about 60% of the recorded parts are done. It's a slow process but hey, it's pretty much been a one-man show so far, with a little help from my friends in Sing Me A River. I've been keeping busy between my own gigs and shows with the three other trios I'm in - Outside the Box, The Hazy Maidens, and the aforementioned Sing Me A River. I have so many talented friends - hmm...perhaps I can call in a few favours? 

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Hope to see you around!


Welcome to my new website! 

2017 brings new changes, including a new website and a new CD! I'm currently in the  middle of recording the new CD at home, and hope to release it sometime in 2017. On top of recording the new CD, I continue to gig regularly solo, as well as with the three (!) trios I am in - Outside The Box, The Hazy Maidens and Sing Me A River. Stay tuned for news of the CD release party right here!

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