Long time, no see...

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything.

First some big life changes in early 2020, and then of course, the coronavirus pandemic happened 2 weeks after a very successful March 7, 2020 concert at the Registry Theatre with Outside The Box and The MacQueens. Like all my fellow musicians, the gigs and shows for the remainder of the year were cancelled, and my busy practice and gigging schedule with my bandmates in Sing Me A River and Outside The Box also ground to a halt. I am slowly coming out of my musical hibernation/self-isolation, and have started social distance practicing with Sing Me a River again. It is so nice to be playing music again with my friends! As the remainder of 2020 comes with our new altered reality, I hope to get creative again online, posting videos and participating in online concerts and shows. Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you virtually! Stay safe and be kind!  

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